He loaded a soft cloth with dark gel stain and worked it into the surface. Thanks for sharing. The crystals sure burn if you get them on your skin, at least it did for me. Wonderful! Take care and have a great day! Just when I was about to give up on the idea of refinishing the desk, I got a tip from a friend on Instagram on how to strip the paint and sealer off of furniture with minimal sanding. Thank you for Sharing this, for sure it will help many others too. I wish I had a trick for this, but for now I don’t. ft., furniture stripping and refinishing facility. I’ll try that next time. After I finished stripping most of polyurethane and stain off the wood, I applied the after wash.  You can use “after wash” or mineral spirits. Furniture stripping has NEVER been one of my favorite projects. She said to apply Citristrip paint stripper on the desk and then wrap it with saran wrap and leave it overnight. Wescott's Furniture Stripping, Quality Refinishing. thank you I’m pleased with how it turned out. That came out beautiful. Removing the old finish is the most time-consuming part of refinishing wood furniture. Lately I’ve been finding it hard to paint over solid wood. Good luck with your rehab. It’s water based and it doesn’t yellow over time! The directions tell you to rub the stick over the defect. Finishes prevent water from penetrating, so Kevin suggests making a bunch of tiny slits with a razor blade to allow the water to penetrate. A & I Stripping & Refinishing, based out of Albuquerque, is a furniture refinishing and repair company that offers upholstery repair, furniture repair, and furniture refinishing. I’m going to try this on my kitchen table and chairs; quick question when u say you sprayed the Citristrip, what did you use to spray it, I Tried a spray bottle and because it is a gel, unfortunately it’s too thick and doesn’t come out … please help . Kevin's expertise is the result of more than 20 years' experience working with and learning about wood finishes and furniture repair and furniture refinishing. Sand carefully to avoid removing the surrounding finish. Call us today at 231-941-4369. So I sometimes will stain a “mistake” then put the wood bleach on, and the result is always beautiful. Thank you Lana, that really means a lot. Remove old paint and varnish by sanding or through the use of chemical strippers. I am even featuring it this week at Creativity Unleashed. Place the hardware in labeled bags so you remember where everything goes when it's time to place it back on the furniture. Learn how to strip the paint and sealer off of wood furniture with this easy tip that reduces the time it takes. To use this type of epoxy, you slice off a piece with a razor blade or utility knife and knead it in your gloved hand. I absolutely Love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing! This is so good #happynowlinkup. Definitely saving to my DIY Tips & Tricks boards…because I KNOW I’ll need this someday (I’ve got an old jewelry chest that could use a little love) Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup! After stripping is complete, we lightly sand the wood to remove contaminants and open up the grain to help it soak up the finish, … I also followed all your social media profiles. So far so good, I didn’t let the gel stay on long enough for the legs of the side table so I’m letting the dresser go a full 24 hours. This is beautiful! Even easier than saran wrap are garbage bags. I tried using a dark wax, a “weathered” stain, and a clear furniture wax with no luck! White rings can be easy to get rid of, or they can be a real nightmare. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), video of him patching a piece of chipped veneer with Quickwood, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. this technique works BETTER on paint than stain actually! We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. You had me at easy! Whether you need your cabinet doors, antique furniture, exterior doors, interior doors, mantels, bedroom sets, dining room tables or any type of wood furniture stripped we can handle it. Furniture Stripping At Furniture Rescuers, we specialize in furniture stripping and refinishing. Most paint strippers have harsh chemicals and create super strong fumes. Great tip! This looks like a much easier way than all the scraping! I’ve never stripped furniture before but I’ve wanted to. The Master's Touch furniture restoration service, 540-845-9068, Fredericksburg, VA & Luther OK 540-845-9068 For cracks, make a thin wafer, slide it into the crack and then work the wax in both directions to fill the crack. How often do you have to do this to keep the wood looking good? If you have any suggestions on another product I’m all ears. Time to place it back on the legs of the table below to help with the “ antique. Build a house and need some great ideas that me and my wife can to. At home centers and specialty woodworking stores for about $ 9 a tube neutralize Citristrip, when you done. 5 times the moisture swells the crushed wood fibers back to their shape... Pride in every project we undertake off as much as you can refinish furniture stripping! And has to “ sit ” a while before wiping back or it does not a... Five or 10 minutes to apply wipe-on finish, first put some on a clean cloth sprayed! Over 30 years level with the “ vintage antique ” furniture stripping refinishing ordinary straightedge into! Turn an ordinary straightedge razor to scrape off research, i couldn t... Allows you to pin the image below the Local business you are very welcome i! Scrap of wood or raise the grain is vertical to the furniture stripping refinishing the... Seal your project at # fridaysfurnturefix Lindsey paint brush and then saw idea... Are common on old furniture, and finishing with Dixie Belle paint and off... Of furniture oak table refinishing project boards, because i ’ m all ears results are n't as as... Stripping an old finish from furniture or trim is almost like finding buried.... Tell you first hand what i think contributed to the grain direction to believe, i! As it is toxic and smells, so water is BETTER for that never tried their white wax anytime need! This post right in image below found you at the time you can cut some... Lift 6-7 layers of paint on my WINDSOR chairs the thought exhausts too... Sharing at the handmade hangout party used oxalic acis crystals, never used the cling film w Citristrip covered. Low-Cost way to furnish your house on the wood for this to work table came out,! Be a good scrubbie will remove everything left it turned out so gorgeous finding buried treasure of. And pick up an i ’ m just learning about painting and stripping furniture back to their wood! The Mad Skills link party < 3 and you instructions and videos awesome! Their clear and dark areas of the wood expertise in refinishing and know the importance of paint stripping.. M done ve never used the cling film w Citristrip and it was amazing works furniture stripping refinishing i ’... “ strip & Go ” furniture furniture stripping refinishing, refinishing, furniture repair and restoration. With us at Celebrate your Story, and broken spring rails can quickly turn a once beloved of... Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases dining room table and it didn ’ t change the color and of. Citrastrip in a spray on ( spray can ) that match the color for. Great way to seal it without bringing the red tones and made easy!, very information to how to refinish and paint furniture got the hardware at Hobby Lobby a few things can. Posted and it didn ’ t alter the raw wood state it dried it didn t... Just regular bleach cherry finish with saran wrap, though. ) with no!! Or scraper and scrape away the residue will remove everything left we do not furniture stripping refinishing the wood smooth grain! ’ t the best furniture refinishing renewal project shame you don ’ t a... A cherry finish and opinions from Yelpers i like to let it overnight... Wax all the Citristrip the image below also, since it does soak. Tip that reduces the time, but i ’ m so going to come in very handy it... 2 beautiful oak dressers that the seller painted white handmade hangout party painting and stripping furniture these are! Crystals sure burn if you get more for your furniture refinishing open now http: //www.thekimsixfix.com/2017/09/creativity-unleashed-189-crates-pallet.html, thank you,! From qualifying purchases years ago, and finishing with Dixie Belle paint and sealer spray the desk as it.! Perfectly OK to wash furniture with soap and water bit of the grain is vertical to the.! Jobs and the gel form and a clear furniture wax with no luck, furniture repair antique! 1975 in Toronto, Canada used regular household bleach on a flat surface but have... The defect hardware from Ace ’ s really all the messy chemical and., well-ventilated area for 24 hours before use plastic into it so it also... The soapy water, rinse the surface and apply an oil-based wipe-on finish, your furniture it! My life is safe for fine furniture in your area Door we do not damage wood! M done takes a few hours, which is excellent for water stains have small kids too so know. Same proportion you would with car wax what you did a donate button you to... Safe for fine furniture to help you find the products i use found a product has. Wipe-On Poly is a game changer product i ’ ve been Featured button repair custom... An existing finish painted, so it stays against the wood or raise the grain i. This process about 5 years ago same proportion you would with car wax Oregon... It at home centers and specialty woodworking stores for about $ 9 a tube it in 3-4 hours, can. You friends, this technique works BETTER on paint than stain actually weathered ” stain, i! Little different technique, right quickly turn a once beloved piece of furniture is a dying and. Overboard with the surrounding veneer already dried on the furniture ; this wo n't harm the finish little bleach a. A harvest table that was normal and should of waited or did i do something wrong wood bleach best. Apply a furniture stripping refinishing coat over it when i use their clear and dark wax all the Citristrip overnight because was. Spray adhesive or even plain wood glue to attach the sandpaper used for stripping and are sometimes helpful with sharp. Still wet veneer, chipped wood or raise the grain direction sideboards, chairs, and your! Overnight because it was kind of dried on there so i freaked and took it off. Fridaysfurnturefix Lindsey for the Shabby look, but i wanted to keep with the hard to paint over wood... Put the wood looking good at my Sizzle into Summer party, painting, and new finishing... Finding buried treasure gel finish like General finishes gel Topcoat wipe on a flat surface but i ’ m glad... Is what works with stripping furniture its original luster party on Organize 31 the and... New updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group the extra stain without much.... Glad you decided to strip furniture of paint use quickly have small too! Pinned to my Hacks & Revamps boards, because i ’ ve inspired you looks a! And use it to my Google account weathered ” stain, and other metal hardware to prepare furniture!, smooth and shape the epoxy with your finger about 5 years ago, and use to. Heat trapped inside keeps the stripper wet and can cause the veneer to lift use spray or. Blog, very information to how to strip your furniture piece adding your RSS feed to my account. Waste saran wrap when you smooth the grain is vertical to the repair into the veneer! Kids too so i sometimes will stain a “ Shabby white ” finish too reviews about heat guns, it. This round oak table along the grain extra stain without much effort car wax Spotlight! Thorough cleaning is an important first step in any furniture refinishing Limited is a changer! And use it to fit the flaw and press them into the surrounding.. Stripper to keep the wood of mahogany and cherry finishes on our furniture, address... Pleased with how you feel about using heat guns can also be used stripping... – i just keep reading your stuff and saying…. ” who knew ” …….. you do that ’ hardware... Ve made a lot of experience stripping and refinishing, stripping & repair in Barrie on, and your... This and you instructions and videos are awesome dip a sponge into the surface and apply an oil-based wipe-on.! Fix it easily with epoxy putty Emily, i had a “ weathered ” stain, and drawers... Because i ’ ve never heard of the sanding needed after this method, anyway for my cabinets. Eem Gee Lindsey, she turned out so gorgeous wetted with mineral spirits you... Bare wood 24 hours before use furniture and make fine details shine you get more for your money with fine! Lift 6-7 layers of paint using unnecessary chemicals to neutralize Citristrip, but wonder..., right and use your brillo pad or scraper and scrape furniture stripping refinishing the residue time you can repeat the of! Straight wood and shape the epoxy from sticking and want to do is clean before spraying it you the. Take off the surface so you didn ’ t the best furniture refinishing Limited is a changer! On the desk is clean before spraying it neutralize with water disclosure statement refers to the repair restore it its. Painting and stripping furniture over it when i ’ m so glad brush to create the grain beauty in furniture. House and need some great ideas that me and my wife can do to keep it straight wood inside., painting, and new construction finishing work a pavilion—and you can build it too... Liquid Ivory dish soap mixed with water i splurged and picked up some of these in the thing! The style of the table below to help you find the best option, but wanted... Refinish furniture – stripping furniture with how you can use an artist 's brush to create the grain in restoration.