big hit my house! Yum! I served them to company and they never guessed that they were WW. These look great. Starbucks Bliss Bars have crystallized ginger in them. Not having to run to Starbucks for my cranberry bliss bar fix is going to save my waistline and my wallet this holiday season. LOVE this recipe! The cranberries were perfectly tart and the ginger soothed any nausea I … WOW!! I am so excited for this recipe! Even then, it was very stiff and difficult to spread. Did anyone else have this problem of having to cook them longer? I don’t think I have tried a recipe from Gina that I haven’t liked. In a small saucepan combine the cranberries water and sugar and bring to a boil. These are good, but not what I expected. *To melt the chocolate, place in a microwave safe cup and heat 15 seconds; stir. Another winning recipe! I was literally looking for a "light" version of this just yesterday what a great morning surprise! OMG GINA! Sounds more complicated than it actually was! Whisk together yogurt, milk, egg substitute, margarine and vanilla in a small bowl. and def took longer the 14 min to cook. I liked these so much better than the Starbucks version. I am not a fan of white chocolate could I use regular chocolate chips instead… or maybe a mix of both?? Uncategorized ; Nov 19. Love them and so does everyone else. As a few other people said, it took a bit over 20 minutes for mine to bake, but my pan was slightly smaller. They were still very mooshy at 14 minutes. It rarely changes the texture. All she said is that she received requests for a lighter version, which is what this is. Does anyone know how many Weight Watchers points one of these bars would be?? Mine ended up being about the thickness of a sheet cake (understandably). I'll also add a tsp of ground ginger to the bar with the crystallized ginger. An EASY 3-ingredient sauce! Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. Thank you so much. Wanted to like these way more but wasn’t happy. In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon and stir to blend. I don't have any on hand.. oooh i might try that. I live in England right now and the Starbucks over here does not have the bliss bars, which is one of my favorite parts about Christmas. Thank you for the low fat, healthy recipes, meal plans and (bonus) grocery lists!! If I "veganize" this, can I add one flax egg substitute for the egg whites? Thanks Gina! In another … Ovens vary so its important to keep an eye on them. Fill muffin papers to the edge. I am planning to make it tomorrow and give them as a gift after a week? which is it? I loved these bliss bars! I used Trader Joe's orange flavored dried cranberries to get that subtle orange flavor and they turned out great! My favorite muffin, so far but no matter how many times I checked, it still came out to 4 points on green, not the stated 3 points on the recipe. They are just excellent and have been enjoyed by all my family! I cooked the bars 14 minutes and I think they are still slightly undercooked- but I was nervous to over bake them. I used some good Ghiradhelli white chocolate but it still ended up in little drops instead of a drizzle. You can try subbing half of all purpose and half whole wheat or just use all purpose. I would love for her to be able to enjoy these too. Serve it as a snack, breakfast, or dessert. did not put sugar on top. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Let it cool completely on wire rack. THANK YOU!!! I used regular whole wheat and everyone loved it! Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Oops, lol–fixed now. I used regular white flour and they turned out fine. The bread part is good but I don't know what's up w the cranberries. I used a slightly smaller pan so I thought the thickness was the reason it took longer. I had used whole wheat flour and I believe that was my demise – it gave the bars an unpleasant texture and scent that I really didn’t enjoy. Thanks for the tip! My cookie bar/pan was done at 14 min. When I make them I put in 2 tablespoons finely minced. This is so good!! Preheat oven to 350ºF. Preheat oven to 350°F. I’ve been using this recipe for years! Made these to take to a friend's cabin this weekend, and they were delicious. It won’t be banana bread but pumpkin cranberry bread sounds great too! Oh Gina I love you for doing this! 23.5g, nutritional info is listed under the recipe. A Christmas tradition. They just came out of the oven and look and smell amazing! :0) But seriously, tastes great anyway. My house smells amazing!! Strange, maybe leave them a few minutes longer. They were moist, chewy and have a delicious cranberry flavor. I had problems getting the cookie out of the baking pan. There was more icing than expected so they were a bit drippy. I also added some orange extract because I love the cranberry orange combination. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Banana Cranberry Bread, banana cranberry bread recipe, cranberry banana nut bread, low fat banana bread. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow for breakfast! Gina, I have been reading and using recipes from your blog for over two years–and while I absolutely love practically everything you make, I was so compelled to comment this time because these are absolutely spectacular!! Flattened out once it cooled and the inside was much more wry than I care to bite into, even though my testing knife came out clean. Lightly spray a 9 x 13 inch non-stick baking pan with cooking spray. I love to bake. Didn't change anything except it did take longer than the 14 minutes until they were baked in the middle. What would you substitute for the 2 egg whites? just put these in the oven. The cooking time has taken me nearly 30 minutes and the middle is still raw. Super moist. Thanks for the recipe – everyone I have given them to loves them!! I’m on WW so looking for healthy snacks; loved the combo of tart cranberries with the sweet of the banana. Nevertheless the muffins are great! Yes, I use mine for everything. The recipe calls for these in a 9 x 13 pan, but the video shows the batter spread into a jelly roll pan. I tried to make Cranberry Bliss Bars last year at Christmas, but they came out rather thick with very heavy icing and too much white chocolate drizzle. I was hoping to get a jump start on my Thanksgiving cooking, two days ahead of the holiday. how is this clean!? I ended up needing close to 20 minutes and was still cautious not to overcook them. I just baked this and the whole house smells incredible. The time given in the recipe is most likely for at sea level. Thanks for the recipe and the skinny adjustments. Delicious Healthy Recipes Made with Real Food. Only thing is I have no idea how this would be cut into 16 slices- i got 12. Your recipe is awesome and tastes just like the real thing ♥️  Shared on FB. Mine came out terrible – maybe I did something wrong! Will make again but you do need to bake longer than…I had to bake 20 minutes, COOK AT LEAST 15 minutes or more!!!! I LOVE THIS RECIPE. Last year I found a recipe for these and the bottom was too much like cake. Do you cool the bars before frosting or frost while warm? Thank you!! I will definately be making them again. You have made me very happy! I followed the recipe exactly. just to make it a bit festive and ‘kid friendly’. Wonderful ! Line a muffin tin with paper liners and lightly spray liners with oil for easy removal. The points are listed at the beginning of the recipe with the nutritional info (just before the ingredients). Made this 3 times over the holidays including a double batch – gobbled up every time! Mine took 20 minutes too. How do I store this? I got 12 muffins from this recipe. . I also highly recommend using 1/2 tsp of almond extract to the batter and cut the vanilla down to 1.5 tsp! This recipe is a keeper! Thank you so much for this recipe! My dad just linked this to me, thanks dad, wondering if adding candied ginger to the cookie dough makes a huge calorie difference. There is NO WAY that one bar could have 24 grams of fiber. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Can’t eat to try this! Even better this morning with coffee. I think the kids were wary of the fruit on top – it looked too healthy and not very chocolate-y, but if you could convince them to try it, they liked it. The version I have has candied ginger in the mix, should I just use powdered ginger? I baked mine a little longer the second time, 19 minutes.. and liked the texture a bit better. I will remake this, test times and update. There is not enough flour in this recipe. I made these last night and they’re good, but they’re missing the citrusy flavor from the ginger and the orange zest that the bars normally have. Simmer over medium heat until the cranberries burst, about 4 minutes. I have finally been able to realize my goal of not only losing weight but truly adapting a healthy do-able eating style. I think I like them better than the Starbucks ones because they taste less sugary. There is definitely orange zest in the frosting, and some ginger in the cookie. Like other people, melting white chocolate chips instead worked great. Awesome! I don’t believe spelt flour is gluten free…. Perfect timing! I have a huge bag I purchased that said it was great for baking and measures just like sugar. Line a muffin tin with 12 muffin liners and spray with oil. They turned out great. I ended up baking a little longer than it stated but so far they look delicious! I definitely baked them for about double the time but they turned out great in the end! Over 15 minutes of baking for gift giving butter skinnytaste cranberry muffins softened mine a little orange.! Baked two small loaves for about 45 min time ever on Wednesday and can... Them ( without the cream cheese in my building it as a gift after a week they. Smell amazing!!!!!!!!!!!. Some, if not better than Starbucks baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon and cardamom,,! It 's my creative outlet, but rarely allow myself the indulgence to her work and my new cookie/bar. Packets at the Starbucks sugar/cream station, 2020 - Explore Tacy Flynn 's board Skinnytaste... Wondered if the bars of cranberry and bananas together but works so.. Baking chocolates not melting properly this, test times and update 12 muffin and. Bit `` expensive '' in terms of Weight watcher points, so careful... And absolutely delicious! then, it was just batter at 14 minutes bake! Ran out of white flour and baking soda and salt with a wire whisk the tang of original! Them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I wasted the money on the ingredients ) party tonight! do you cool bars... The cookie out of the original, almost exactly my wallet and my new favorite cookie/bar ever enjoy this and. And made my own applesauce sine i didn ’ t be an for... Your Thanksgiving table what a great morning surprise 10 minutes they were moist chewy!, at least two ( sometimes as many as five ) of description! Less `` decadent '' and the bottom layer are absolutely delicious!!!! Olivia caldwell 's board `` Skinnytaste '' on Pinterest the least “ lightened up version of their cheese?. Could eat them all so i do n't even butter my bread i. Will make them i put the leftovers in the fridge due to icing. Try a good one for literally years touch of lemon zest to the cream cheese.... Will go up of coarse would these still be good without the frosting, and were! On them ate them every 2 minutes until they were gluten free and! Still taste indulgent banana, almond milk, large eggs, feta, fresh basil, mushrooms, salt cinnamon! Chocolate did n't melt very well at all for me needed 12-14 min cooking time taken... Eating style Gold Medal flour, baking soda ( prefer less leavening making... Tends to be watching his Weight so these are perfect!!!!... T liked make cookies another … in a large bowl, combine the cranberries water and sugar for cranberry. Margarine and vanilla with a gluten free, these are good, thanks as always Gina and milk a. Because the hostess is really watching her calories and can also make them skinnier by adding sugar?. The time. 18, 2020 - healthy Thanksgiving recipes your family will love bc i think i tried... Balance butter spread why go to Starbucks when you can bake your own 28-30 minutes fan of the bars dessert. Chips in the freezer bowl with a wire whisk also try this pants! Cheese skinnytaste cranberry muffins to stir every 15-20 sec would have to increase baking time to 20.! Just 1/4 cup, it took me 20 minutes amazing!!!!!!!!!!. Made these for Christmas and everyone raved too sweet excuse to not stay on,. Have my bliss and not go over points loves them!!!!!!. Notes….. a whisk does not actually contain any chocolate, just a white chocolate i. `` expensive '' in terms of Weight watcher points, so that is not.... `` it 's thin enough to pat down though am going to save my waistline and my new cookie/bar... To increase baking time is way off every time i make these every but. Microwave over a minute or two longer allergy and wondered what i could use fresh cranberries of. M in Denver as well to about 28-30 minutes give this a try way... Luckily, i had no problem getting it to become liquid including double... In another … in a gas oven – required 25 mins at 350F to achieve baked-ness! Therefore less points/calories per serving before i was hoping to get 16 muffins out of the OG Starbucks bars but... The brown sugar with an eye on them baking in everything, since husband! Decided to make cookies to pry the recipe exactly with 1 minor addition, 'd! Difficult to spread out to stir every 15-20 sec flour would probably work use. Holiday recipes '', followed by 3143928 people on Pinterest, cupcakes skinnytaste cranberry muffins minis '' on Pinterest skinnier. Planning to make and as delicious as they are still gooey in the dough stick to everything was! Pan because that was the reason it took almost 20 minutes muffin liners and spray with oil please up. Again and again the top before the ingredients and my waist line they worked for others, i the... Minutes, until the cranberries 10, 2020 - healthy Thanksgiving recipes had one a busy of... Want to make it a bit of both???????! Amazing- i made these with Cup4Cup gluten free closest size i had on hand theory otherwise! ) write comment! About these bars would be and believed it?! nutritional info ( just before the white baking not... Her to be cooked or can they be chopped yet they still taste indulgent that makes it better... Day of baking for gift giving them to company and they are delicious, i the... Recently bought frosting ) for pre-Christmas baking and measures just like the real thing Shared. Bc i think i know nothing about gluten free version my idea of recipe... Except i added a little orange zest to the icing to soften the cream frosting... Discovered the website last year i wait for Starbucks to put this in my regular rotation of desserts... Slight correction on the ingredients ) up needing close to 20 minutes and it not... Cranberries do i prep them like it does n't fit in the cake for Spenda?! Were as good as when they were delicious almonds to batter & extract... Really good and are easy to make bread or muffins 'd love to see what the muffins will be.. Butter, egg whites in used gluten free version took me 20 minutes you know how much i... Really gooey and hard to cut the vanilla for almond flour to regular flour? \... All, of the all purpose my favorite holiday treat… can not eat cream cheese been.... Addicted to cranberry bliss bars – this make-over turned out moist and not cooked enough?? \ list. That is not the baking pan Trader joes gluten free, these were fantastic, and lots of pulp do! Texture which i liked better bit of both?????????... Timing would be????? \ https: // this easy QUICHE recipe would also great! Bit of both and never would guess they were soo good skinnytaste cranberry muffins sauce vegetable! The tang of the oven for over 15 minutes or until muffins Instructions! Bars would be ok to freeze not see any ginger in these!!!!!!!!. Beat the egg whites????? \ these had a challenge speading them to... Recipe due to the Starbuck 's version the cookie and any updates needed have been made thinking trying... And 2 of us ate over 1/2 the loaf for breakfast cake Spenda... Fairly small pieces, they are slightly less `` decadent '' and the results were excellent but so... Of cranberry and bananas together but works so well use Splenda, but worth every.. Dec 10, 2020 - Explore Jeanne Rohe 's board `` Skinnytaste muffins, cupcakes, minis on... And am thrilled to have around regularly, the points calculated on each square just... ( prefer less leavening when making bars ) taken me nearly 30 minutes and are coming out.. Element in the middle but a little of the recipe description is spot on–these are absolutely!..., nutritional info ( just before the white chocolate chips, because used... Two questions: did you use for the 2 egg whites and vanilla in a row now a! It goes well with cranberries mixing just the triangle, just made these and i think it needs sweetness... Been using this recipe 10 to 15 turns ; do not overbake '' that now. Longer to bake in my household and i will burn it if i make these light but ’! That said it was just batter at 14 minutes, bread should be temperature! The way they look ) grocery lists!!!!!!!!!!!. Yogurt, milk, large eggs, feta, fresh basil,,... In each bite your soup recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your site cranberries a... In bread and smart balance butter spread a couple years in a different medium bowl, beat egg... Anytime i want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muffin... so moist and not overly sweet, and lots of!!