If you still have horrible equips at level 90, with a 43 dex or full str build, then it might be worth buying an aglove. You stand to make a serious amount of money here. Billposters on the other hand, recieve 40% adoch from their rody set. 338-340 Additional Damage+250, Def+100, Add HP+20%. I recommend you stay at mushpangs until you can get 5 forforms, as you need these to do your Assist quest, and it’s annoying when you have to come back when you are level 15 and spend hours trying to find one. RM – Short for Ringmaster, RMs are the one of the two second class option for an assist. Some eggs will also spawn giants, so just don’t open any eggs. At 55 I recommend you go level at Black Otems, which are the same as Red Otems, but are a higher level so they give more exp. With red scrolls however, it shouldn’t be too hard to pull out 3 second kill times at higher levels. ~Corrected and Hosted by xCloudy The AoE Knight is a very good AoE Class for Beginners. Element your suit with water and you will receive less damage from the monster. Whether you want, or don’t want to play a 1v1 BillPoster is entirely your choice. Boo [Guardian weapons] (Level 77 Electric) Carrierbomb (Level 77 Fire) Hoppre (Level 80 Water) Mushpoie (Level 83 Electric) Iren (Level 86 Fire) Watangka [no Prevention] (Level 89 Earth) Level 85 Rangda (Level 85 Water). It’s annoying.). Ringmasters are the primary supporting class in FlyFF. Block – Block is half way between a normal hit and a miss. Every 2nd job receives their own variant only wearable by that specific job. A good knuckle. 1v1 Same before. For the skills, max Heal, Heap Up, Haste, Accuracy, Cannonball, Beef Up. Hknuckle also provides a neat amount of dex as well as a higher attack rate. Equips to use: 1v1 gear, HP gear, DMMT gear, MP gear…. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here it is, the AoE Knight. You will also do your last non-quest office quests in these levels. DMMT knuckle and shield, MP knuckle and shield.. Just some basic things you need to know before you set foot in the arena: – Anyone in the arena is free to use any skill available to them. The higher level monster the quest item dropped from, the more amount of pet feed you will receive per quest item. You need 10 B cards to get a chance of getting a A card. For piercings, continue using Electric cards B or A. An ulti LGGlove+7 on my server is around 4-8billion, alone. Giants are often “farmed” because they drop jewelry, “green” (See green) weapons, “Unique”weapons and “blues” which can be sold for a profit. Wasn’t playing seriously on the other chars I got. Money Making – A level by level guide on making money without buying gpotatoes. Up to you. This is because it may spawn too close to the building. Keep your pet out when your active, always feeding it, making sure the pet and yourself doesn’t die, 2. It’s pretty much the maximum damage you could do for a single hit without critting. Unicorn and/or behemoth (Unicorn is better in my opinion, but Behemoth helps with leveling as well), 4. Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want), Quickstep (You can max quickstep before you max mental if you want). A great set, use this set at level 95 if you can afford reductions. They’re in ivliness dungeon, level 63 wind elements. You will do a lot of equipment changing. In order of importance: Crit -> ADOCH -> STR -> DEX -> Attack Speed -> Attack. You may need to use MP gear against high HP blades (Yes, they do exist, some even get up to 60k hp in the arena, that’s without CS items.). To build this build, just add STA until your desired level (60-120 depending on your equips), and then add INT for the rest of your Int-AoE Billposter life ^^. Don’t get it, it isn’t worth the price tag and the Bloody Knuckle is good enough for PvP. Credits – Everyone who helped revise the guide, provide pictures and make it better – My sources of information, Glossary – Definition of terms and anagrams used in game and throughout the guide. Equipment – Knuckles | Sticks – An explanation of Knuckles and which ones to use – An overview of the sticks you should use, 6. You need good equips like jewelry or sets for this method to really work out, even though without good equips, leveling still becomes incredibly fast in the pre-60 levels. +9 rings, +12 earrings and +6/+19 necklaces should be the highest you ever go for a LONG time. Equipment – Upgrading | Shields | Cash Shop Items – Explanation of Piercing, Elementing, Awakening, Blessing and Weapon/Armour/Shield refining – Shields, which ones to use and what stats to look for – Which cash shop items to buy if you have the money, and what stats to get on them. This build requires good attack-speed awakens, a +8 set (Or good dex awakens/pierces) and maxed buffs. Against AoE blades, you won’t be able to 1v1 them, so pick one of the other options. Here’s a table someone provided that shows the increase in damage depending on the upgrade of element (this is assuming you’re versing something that your elemented weapon has an advantage upon): I assume it works the same way for defense, except it would reduce damage by 10% or 68% or whatever. These can add a lot of stats, a little bit of defense and are extremely vital for doing well as a 1v1 BP. Knights are sitting ducks. You can block, and the monster your fighting can block. Adding some points into Ressurection also helps since plvlers feel a little safer that way. Mia Quest -Lvl to start: 20-29 -Starting NPC: JeongHwa (Across from Martin, Magic shop owner of Saintmorning) This quest consists of 8 parts. They are located north of the Pumpkin village. Also called Blessings, not to be confused with Blessing Scrolls which are also called Blessings, which make sure you don’t lose any exp when you die, and remain active until you die in a PvM environment. – People can and will team up on you. they have a friend they like to partner, but they want to fight as well) or perhaps so they can CW by themselves without having to get a partner. Builds You Should Not Use for a 1v1 BillPoster, 1. Nothing else to say. } else { Preferred equips: HP, speed, DMMT, 1v1 or mp. Each pet has 5 levels, these are: D, C, B, A and S. D being the starting level and S being the highest. Element your suit and knuckle with AT LEAST +3 water, and go level there. But questies sell for a lot) Augus in azria (High leveled, but better drop rate and exp). Useless for 1v1ing, continue to use any well awakened NPC set, level 30 set or level 15 set. A green set will be neccesary for this build, and I would recommend the Sardine/Curus for the DEX +3, and the Attack Speed +10%. If you choose to AoE to level 60 and then start 1v1ing, then I suggest you follow this method of raising your skills. If you haven’t moved to azria yet, then please, please do so now. It also adds damage to certain BillPoster skills. full sta billposter cant even show up the special of billposter.. Remember to glow stack, which means putting any +3 piece on with your other highly upgraded gear already on, then putting on your normal highly +d piece on replacing the +3 one (Must be higher than +3). You can only get to level 15 as a vagrant, and then after that you can no longer gain any exp until you go and do a job change quest. It makes all MP based skills for any class, cast faster. Watch out for high stam or high str ones, they’re generally harder to kill. Remember this: [beats] [beats] [beats] [beats] [beats] etc.. document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { They’re also very empty, which means you don’t often need to change servers. Continue AoEing mobs 0-3 levels higher, go further if you have good equips and can manage over 1.5k burstcracks and tank at least 8 mobs. Greens – Armors and Weapons (Over level 60) that come in 15 level intervals starting at level 15 that give Set Bonuses and extra “Stats”. Houses are useless, absolutely useless. A vagrant gets three skills, but none of them are worth getting, so don’t even think about it. STR – Short for Strength, is one of the four “stats” that you can upgrade each time you level. This set also adds +10% MP which can increase the damage of asal. After 70 however, you will be forced to reskill. Elementors. Element your suit opposite to what you level at if you AoE, and your knuckle opposite to what you level at if you 1v1 (Refer to Elements Section). Skills, or “spells” are abilities you gain as you level. And whilst you are leveling there, try and get a fighting partner (instead of an FS/RM), and make sure you don’t open ANY eggs at all, they spawn aggro pinkylarvae, which give less exp and do lots of damage as well. That should get you to 67 fast enough. 1v1 doesn’t level as fast as AoE, but is usually better for gianting (See “giants”). I recommend you stun them first using sonic or whatever, then kill them by 1v1ing or using asal. The second build is so you don't die in one shot. BPs. Your choice. Anything with more than 40 stamina (Even 30 stamina is pushing it), 4. Helmet -> STR or DEX. Ringmasters are the supportive second class of the Assist and have the most powerful buffs in the game. If they don’t have lgaxes, you’ll probably win. As you can see, this build puts all points into strength, maximising your damage out-put and is therefore called the Full Str Build. See Piercing section for more information. Should I use a Hknuckle or LGGlove? Cash Shop Clothing are costumes that you can put over your armor. } At these levels, you can also go farm questies such as droils (Drillers, level 59-60), amperes(60-61) , guardieyes (62-63), dumptyres(64-66) and garbagetons (64-65) if you choose not to go level in the Ivliss Dungeon. They don’t drop any unique items, but they respawn extremely fast, there’s five of them in the room, you rarely ever have to compete with someone for a spawn of them, and they always drop blue items. Use Lightning cards for 1v1 Leveling. Bonuses: 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+10% 3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Blk+10%, Melee Blk+10% 4/4: HP+15%,Def+15%, Ranged Blk+15%, Melee Blk+15%. Weebly.footer.setupContainer('cdn2.editmysite.com', '1608316647'); The other being an RM, which is mostly a Support or AoE class, but does have [inferior] 1v1 capabilities. The section of the guide that shows you what rings, necklaces, earrings, armor, weapons and shields you should be using. This is useful for faster heals, faster buffs and faster Asal (PvP). It can also be useful for gianting, so you don’t get one-hitted by a ragecrit. If they are in asal/dmmt gear: I recommend 1v1 gear, just melee them and stunlock them to death. This is useful for PvP and somewhat useful for leveling, as it reduces the time it takes to walk between each mob. IGN – In game name. Also called the cookie-cutter build for this reason. //