After the discussion, the female receptionist informs Momon that someone else had requested him for a specific job. It was to this extent that he follows the whims of his followers' plans hatched up by them, particularly Demiurge and Albedo. After reaching Re-Estize, he infiltrated the Ro Lente Castle and enter the throne room. Later, he accepts a commission to guide a young noble named Torkel Karan Dale Völkchenheim and his servant, Andre to complete the former's coming of age ceremony. Furthermore, Ainz asks the envoys if the Holy Kingdom has anything to offer to him in case he does aid them in their fight against Jaldabaoth. When Yuri reports back to him with her results, he is pleased and decides to put forth a proposal that she proposed, to build an orphanage in E-Rantel.[49]. [7] After saving them, he summons a Death Knight and orders it to kill the knights attacking the village. Ainz magically arranges two black thrones, a table, and a drink of war to arrange an appropriate meeting spot for them. Inability to Digest or Sleep: As an undead, he doesn't need to eat or sleep. Occupation Although he thought of exposing himself as a talentless hack to the denizens of Nazarick, Ainz chose not to follow through with that idea as the former was yet to be mentally prepared. In doing so, she becomes pivotal in rescuing the Zern price Beebeezee, gaining a needed ally in freeing the city of Kalinsha[59] and making her a famed hero. Obliging to their pleas, Ainz orders Albedo to give Zanac a proper burial and to send the envoys to Neuronist Painkill and have her handle their fate. His mission is to retrieve a rare herb in the northern region of the Great Forest of Tob. The subject of the barrier that prevented Pandora's Actor from escaping is brought up. He takes satisfaction from experimenting with his powers by measuring the extent to it to the point where he heartlessly brainwashes and kills people. And while grateful to them, he finds them slightly tiring from their views of him. Press J to jump to the feed. Ainz would bluff his way out of certain situations like it without the latter noticing his ignorance and incompetence. He is willing to make some adjustments to the NPCs' work schedule by including rest breaks into it for as long as need be. During the Sports Festival as fellow teammates, the two develop enough trust where Ainz is willing to listen to Subaru's quest when he thought of a plan. As a Level 100 being on YGGDRASIL, he is an insanely powerful Magic Caster. Like Kazuma, he guessed Tanya was from a war world. In the Isekai Quartet World, he is a student of Class 2 and its Vice Representative. Before long, he is asked by Re-Estize's new king, Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself, to have an audience with him in private through Albedo. However, Shalltear barges into his office, revealing that the play is a scheme concocted by Albedo to steal a kiss from Ainz while she starres as Juliet. dub voice actors/actresses are often given flak about name or word mispronunciations (such flak is applicable to foreign terms said in the Japanese versions at times). Albedo then decides to kill a young boy who is disturbing their arrival march, but is stopped by Momon. So, under Demiurge's judgment, a competition is held for the role of Juliet in all of Nazarick. Seeing an opportunity for an experiment, Ainz summons the Floor Guardians to do battle with the evil treant. (To Himself in front of the foreign citizen). The two begin to argue, only for Ainz to calm the two down and asks what would they do if he died. The Clip is from Overlord Season 1 episode 11 The Audio is from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Part 2 episode 19 All rights go to their respective owners. He is equipped with two large swords on his back while carrying them behind him. Returning to Nazarick, Ainz resurrects Shalltear and hopes that her death will cure her mind control, which it does. Not only did they quit the game, but they also deleted their character's avatar completely. At some point, he cancels his spell and decides to assist Remedios, but she leaves him alone to settle her incomplete match with the demi-humans. After returning to his office, Ainz commanded the maids to leave him alone as he needs some spare time to reflect on his future plans for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Ainz then takes Cocytus's suggestion into consideration by crowning himself as the Sorcerer King of the newly-formed nation. She insists that Ainz play the part of Romeo, though he is hesitant to accept her request until she mentions it would help his acting skills. Momonga had an ample balance in his bank accounts, yet he had no idea how to spend that money. Taking pride in his power and willing to even help his fellow Isekai on Field Day protecting them. Purification Weakness: Despite his overall great power, Ainz is susceptible to certain purification techniques like Aqua's Turn Undead which was very effective against him to his surprise. Momonga, using Mirror of Remote Viewing, discovers a village being attacked by knights. However, Ainz is informed by Narberal that the Adventurer's Guild at E-Rantel is looking for him. ; Foil: In comparison to the original top Guild formed in YGGDRASIL, the New Ainz Ooal Gown is strictly formed in the New World by Satoru and Keno throughout their 200-year journey exploration. Overlord Volume 1 He saves Carne Village and gathers information about the New World from the village chief. Ainz, who is working in his study back in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, is informed by Albedo that Narberal Gamma wishes to see him. The battle is witnessed by Torkel, who would pass on the tale to his future descendants.[28]. Yet at times, however, Ainz would feel paranoid and pessimistic that his Floor Guardians or other NPCs that follow after them may someday abandon him if he doesn't live up to their expectations. When that matter is concluded, Ainz commands Shalltear to escort Hilma out of the meeting before shortly returning to the Audience Room, where the discussion resumes. When he retires to his chambers, he muses to himself on how he can keep his image as a dignified ruler intact and comments that maybe he should try practicing acting. While he is initially irritated that her creator Tabula Smaragdina broke the guild rules, he quickly forgives him since Albedo was one of his treasured creations. Upon fighting it, however, he is disappointed that the Wise King of the Forest is actually a giant hamster all along and tames it easily. After Nigredo voices her intention of not only herself, but Pestonya and Sebas too, he has chosen to ask them why they have not asked for permission from their other superiors, the Floor Guardians first rather than him. [35] After the withdrawal of Jaldabaoth and his army of demons, Momon is recognized by the king for his efforts in repelling the powerful demon. [42], Alongside Mare, Ainz heads to the Empire's Fortress at Katze Plains. He tends to mainly wear an elaborate, jet-black academic gown adorned with golden and violet edges. After the talks are concluded, Ainz gathers the Floor Guardians in his room. But in reality, he was a human being by the name of Suzuki Satoru, his true identity. User account menu. Despite it all, Ainz has done so to show the NPCs that he does happen to care for them. While Cocytus fails to annihilate the lizardmen, Ainz has planned his failure all along so that it could help the warrior grow individually. He is even given a suggestion by Nigredo to let people rent out more of his undead for the sake of agricultural purposes, the latter justifying to the former that it will develop and improve the breeds of food. He comes and guarantees her release from custody. Through an NPC Experiment Ainz had committed on testing with Cocytus and it yielded great results to him, confirming to the former that potential growth and learning is indeed possible for NPCs. He also shows surprise against those who show no reaction toward his great powers. [24] After Zaryusu is revived by Ainz, the lizardmen now view him as their new God who not only has the power of death, but life too.[25]. Shalltear Bloodfallen/Abilities and Powers,, Ainz accompanied by Albedo orders Marques Raeven and his entourage of nobles to come meet the two at Ro Lente Castle. To his shock, he learns that Tabula never created a room for her and that she has been living in the throne room since her creation. [5], Later on, Momonga goes to the Amphitheater on the 6th Floor and meets with Aura and Mare. Also, it is around this time that Cocytus has sent one of the lizardmen to hand his report in. Ainz then asks for the opinions of the other Floor Guardians besides to voice their thoughts on this matter. Ainz and Narberal Gamma visit Arwintar, the capital of the Baharuth Empire, to meet Fluder Paradyne, the strongest wizard of the empire. Everything Ainz aims to do was to better himself, rack up accomplishments, and master new ways to use his magic and stats in the New World. He is regarded as the highest of the Almighty Forty-One Supreme Beings by the NPCs of Nazarick. See full bio » 1 nomination. Ainz tells General Carvain that his army will be arriving anytime. See more awards » Furthermore, Ainz is not only looked upon as a thoughtful and generous person but also by outsiders of Nazarick who work for him while kindly rewarding them with YGGDRASIL items due to their hard work. However, Gazef politely declines his offer, and instead challenges Ainz to a single duel. Being the collector and hoarder that he is, Ainz spent his time and money in YGGDRASIL amassing a formidable amount of items regardless of its actual value. If something is broken or wrong, email me at or hit me up on Twitter: @AksumkA. The discussion is productive until feedback from Albedo and Shalltear devolves into a duel of words, forcing Ainz to close the meeting early. He suggests that Crusch Lulu be his spy within the Lizardman Tribes in exchange for the resurrection of Zaryusu's life. Momonga looks through her settings and reprograms her to be in love with him. At the same time, he realizes that now is the time for him to resume his duty and continue working as their ruler, no longer wishing to listen further from their conversation. After killing Shalltear with his own hands, he became a lot more vigilant and hostile against players or other foes with World Items that could possibly harm Nazarick in the near future. His 'children' as he calls them. Ainz then takes off his mask and calls upon the Imperial Army to cheer for his supreme power. Race Overlord (Japanese: オーバーロード, Hepburn: Ōbārōdo) is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. Overlord Anime Narration. The discussion then turns to the identity of Riku Aganeia, on whether he is a member of the Thirteen Heroes or the Platinum Dragon Lord. Ainz proceeds to the main city square, where he meets up with Wrath and the Maids. Ainz refuses to answer Climb's question concerning the fate of Renner's life, hoping to use the warrior's concern to his advantage and torture him in that manner. However, if they were to lose or decide not to fight, they must readily submit to him under Nazarick's rule. In the carriage, Ainz contemplates all the events that have transpired. Archived. He also makes it clear to Ainz that Jaldabaoth is a present threat to their nations as he is leading an army of demi-humans. Ainz orders her to monitor the village and report everything. Ainz is notable the only one to identify or be aware of a Isekai character's true identity and abilities from their respective universe (Tanya's past and former identity, Subaru's Return by Death, and Aqua's identity as a Goddess). Ainz offers them the chance to surrender or face death. Ainz began stating his own conditions and wants something else in return for assisting them, such as having control over Jaldabaoth's demon maids. Ainz tells Zanac that he doesn't mind the idea of trampling on others' happiness to achieve what he wants and for the sake of his subjects' happiness. At times, this is because they are told to say it a certain way from the director who may have been told the same thing form a Japanese director or producer. There, Ainz hears Demiurge's explanation about the plan to make Jaldabaoth the "Demon Lord", due to one of Ainz's previous orders. Brita. Japanese VA For instance, the Guildmaster Ainzach describes Ainz as being a rational person who makes wise decisions carefully, commending him for being an intellectual, but merciful ruler. While most of them are stored in his Item Box, some are left in his private room in Nazarick and E-Rantel. Ainz then replies back in regards to the resistance group, which shocked the envoys. Ainz states that if he sends Momon out right now, then there is no telling how the discontent of the people of E-Rantel might erupt into uprisings afterward. In the end, Ainz is uncertain of who Riku really is, as the Guardians have too little information to go by to fully identify this foe's identity, with Ainz believing his fake name to be just a fake alias. Remembering Climb from back during his one-on-one duel with Gazef Stronoff, he had Demiurge undo his [Command Mantra] control over the human. While putting on the guise of a sly opportunist, he was actually the one who kept the nation together. Following the horrific assault on the Re-Estize capital city, the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick return home to their master Ainz Ooal Gown. Voiced most times by Christopher Guerrero, Satoshi Hino. After resolving the incident, he leaves behind the enemies' corpses to the authorities as proof that they were the instigators. [15] They return to the inn and discuss what to do with Nfirea and Lizzie. He looks over the details and discusses how successful the Sorcerer Kingdom's war with the Re-Estize Kingdom is turning out to be without any problem occurring. Ainz makes his intention clear by stating that not all humans will be needlessly killed off, as some, like young children, will be kept alive for nurture. At the same time, he decides to invite all male Floor Guardians to enjoy the spa in the 9th Floor together. While walking through the streets, he notices a vendor hocking a series of Blue Rose merchandise. Felecia Angelle is the English dub voice of Shalltear Bloodfallen in Overlord, and Sumire Uesaka is the Japanese voice. Remedios tells him even if that was the case, she doubts those conditions made by him will be enough for her people to forgive the maids if they're involved in Jaldabaoth's plan. He apologizes for touching him, and is on decent terms with him. He is an adamantite class adventurer and the strongest adventurer known in E-Rantel. Ainz tells Neia that he wants to speak with her superior in private, convincing Neia to let him climb through the window. Ainz still refuses, stating that he needs more time for everything to sort out. Since he is loyal to his friends and the NPCs created by them, he acts with a certain degree of nobility, when leading his devoted followers properly. [8] All of a sudden, he magically switches places with Gazef due to that item's power and faces the Sunlight Scripture led by Nigun Grid Luin in his stead. Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors. Not only is that the case, he has powerful subjects by his side, on topped of his critical thinking and high IQ. A battle plan is formulated quickly, whereas the Swords of Darkness are in-charge of fighting the goblins while Momon and Nabe deal with eliminating the ogres. A Shut-in NEET who died and is the brought to a fantasy world by the goddess Aqua who he ends dragging with him. However, when Pestonya brings up the idea of letting humans escape alive as a way for them to act like fearmongers who can spread the news of opposing the Sorcerer Kingdom to be hopeless, it leaves Ainz contemplating for a little while longer over that suggestion. Afterward, he goes around killing the demi-humans that invaded Loyts, as well as summoning multiple Soul Eaters to aid him. After learning that Solution's actions were spurned by jealousy, Ainz tasks Yuri to find out if any of the other Pleiades are dissatisfied in any way and see if the maids have any desires that they wish to be fulfilled. Momon exchanges a few rapid blows with Jaldabaoth while protecting Evileye from one of his attacks, but the demon later makes a temporary retreat.[34]. Ainz' voice sounds like a bunch of rare gem stones going through a blender in the dub. Ainz once thought about this matter before, about whether or not he was pushing too much work onto the elven twins and felt this was the only way to promote a healthy growth for them. Before ending this meeting, he had Sebas regulate changes to the Homunculus Maids' schedule as well. Magic: As a master magic caster from his world, Ainz Ooal Gown is capable of utilizing many powerful spells from YGGDRASIL. In the year of 2138 before taking on the name of Ainz Ooal Gown in the New World, Momonga was his original name as a player in YGGDRASIL. His salary earnings were meager, but he still lived above the poverty line. Ainz is also convinced by Albedo to form a secret unit to search for any possible guild member found in the New World, allowing the Overseer permission to take charge of it without the other Floor Guardians noticing. It was something he did during the era when the guild was still actively thriving with plenty of members online. He vividly remembered seeing it happen with his own eyes in the morning upon waking up. To maintain the facade of a glorious and intellectual ruler with tremendous wisdom, he deceptively lets the two greatest minds of Nazarick reach the conclusion that everything they did were part of his long-term grand schemes all along. Light Novel Foresight had existed for at least two years when Arche ask to join them. Once it is finally Ainz's turn to ask questions to Zanac, he inquires the latter about who the current possessor of the Razor Edge is, to which Zanac reveals that Brain Unglaus possesses it. Finding inspiration and wishing to play a game, he calls some of the Floor Guardians to play a table game as humans on an adventure. Ainz sternly tells them that he will be preserving the mountain of ashes left by the Sorcerer Kingdom's destruction of Re-Estize as a reminder for any nation who may oppose them in the future. In a way, Ainz is true to his words and oath, when he honorably accepted certain conditions made by individuals in the form of promises held to a high degree without betraying them. In E-Rantel, Ainz dons his Momon persona, alongside Narberal as Nabe. There, he would also begin making preparations in Nazarick before his comrades came online. On the other hand, there were other players who started to perceive the guild of heteromorphic races as evil beings that must be defeated at all costs. Thus, Ainz had made it his plan that after he completes a certain amount of work in the Sorcerer Kingdom, he will take both Aura and Mare to the Elf Country to make some friends there. Due to the harsh work environment, Ainz and his guild members were raised in from the real world, he shows signs of concern and worries for the workaholic nature of Nazarick's residents. He uses Negative Burst on the Archangel Flame, then uses Hell Flame on the Principality Observation, and finally uses his Black Hole to finish off the Dominion Authority. After the meeting, Ainz casts an invisibility spell on himself and waits for Neia outside the inn. [37], Following Demiurge's suggestion, he must find a country to recognize his new nation. Then, he would deposit his earnings in the Treasury before logging out. Herohero bids farewell to Momonga and logs out for the last time as he has already quit the game. Before the battle in Re-Estize begins, Ainz makes sure to switch places with Pandora's Actor ahead of time. Back in Loyts, Ainz meets up with Neia again and they continue discussing when a wall of flame appears, signalling that Jaldabaoth has arrived. While doing this, he even asks for the opinions of the Floor Guardians whether their foe is really a member of Red Drop or a mere ploy all along created to assume their identity otherwise. Ainz requests that Nfirea not to announce the existence of the purple potion after hearing about the attack on Carne Village. At some point in time, during a meeting with his clansmen, Touch Me thought of disbanding the Nine's Own Goal and wanted to form a guild and recommended Momonga to be their leader. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Light Novel But that could also be because im a native english speaker. Meanwhile, Aura captures Ryuraryus, who pleads for his life and swears his loyalty to Ainz. Carrying out the role as the Guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga was now tasked with miscellaneous work, such as contacting people in the guild from this moment forward.[3]. Who's your favorite Pandora's Actor voice? Ainz notes that to grant his subjects' happiness, he needs to eradicate Zanac and his people as it is what the basis of this war is all about. When Aura begins building a duplicate of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Mare believes she is going to secede from Nazarick. Under their leadership, the adventurers are ordered to counter-attack and defeat the demon army led by Jaldabaoth. Originally Tanya thought of him as Being X and wished to face him. [47] On the other hand, Ainz is more interested in the rune-mark weapon he saw, inviting him to make plans to visit the dwarves and their nation first while leaving the details of the vassalization to Albedo and Demiurge. Most of the time the voices are cringe and don't suit the characters but 9/10 in overlord i felt the voice actors far exceeded the sub. So Ainz and the male Floor Guardians prepare to help them, wishing for a peaceful bath next time if they were to have another one. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In his bedroom, Ainz is seen practicing various different poses and speaking phrases. After that, Ainz and the male Floor Guardians begin taking a bath together. Additionally, Ainz is open-minded to others' opinions of the actions he has partaken, appreciating their criticisms and learning from his mistakes, in which the Floor Guardians can't do to help him. Ainz tells them the Sorcerer Kingdom/Nazarick has already managed to convince multiple nobles to join their side. The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. As a result, he activates his Desperation Aura V and instantly kills Guu and his followers. He takes the opportunity to ask the lizardman about the information on the Dwarves, only to be told that he does not know much other than there was someone from their tribe who had been to their nation before. Posted by 1 year ago. He tells Albedo to start preparing a reception and drinks for his envoy. The team had the fame of being an abnormality among the worker teams of Arwintar, with any team member being obsessed with money or battle lust. The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. Nonetheless, he only does things that will benefit Nazarick or himself above all else, whether it's information or prestige. Ainz wishes to give the maids breaks, much to the surprise of the butler, who feels it's unnecessary, but decides to accept it anyway after seeing Ainz's logic in giving the subordinates time to reflect and see how they can improve. The lizardman thinks Zenberu Gugu will be the best candidate to ask any information on them for that matter regarding the dwarves. Evileye speculated that Momon is a. The kind of people Suzuki hated by far were those who rejected other's opinions without offering solutions of their own as well as crappy customers who knew nothing. After a month passes since their declaration of war against the Re-Estize Kingdom, Ainz arranges another meeting with those involved in the campaign effort, notably Demiurge, Albedo, Cocytus, and Shalltear. At E-Rantel, Ainz is planning on giving the Floor Guardians a reward for their work and loyalty. Right after Neia introduces herself to Ainz, she urges him to let their nation borrow Momon as soon as possible since they can't afford to wait that long. On the other hand, Ainz enumerates the things he has to do after meeting the dwarves: verify the presence or absence of players, investigate the runes and their origins, and obtain information and samples of their metallurgy, smithing, and ores. Casting Call Club - Create voice work, casting calls, and audio projects. Under his alias as Momon, Ainz is seen counting his savings and allocating the necessary funds to his various projects. Ainz explains to them it is only to require a just cause and in order to avoid creating many enemies against them. Still, he considers them family and is glad they're reaching out to make new friends in this world. He is surprised Subaru is immune to his time stopping magic. Along the way, he later revives Neia, who died valiantly fighting against the demi-human army. Jaldaboath retreats after Neia threatens him with her bow. Ainz and his forces confront the lizardmen and start a talk of negotiation with them. [48], Ainz summons Yuri Alpha to his quarters to resolve a situation between him and Solution Epsilon. Zenberu Gugu (ゼンベル・ググー) is the chieftain of one of the five lizardmentribes, the Dragon Tusk Tribe. Ainz hopes to give Shalltear a chance to redeem herself from her previous failure and, at the same time, allow her to take in as much experience she can during their travel together while following his orders. The demon then declares that the Sorcerer King was a worthy opponent, but using his power to save the people was his folly and his demise. During their fight, Momon and Jaldabaoth crash into a building and walk into a secured room, where Mare is waiting for them. He meets up with Pandora's Actor, his creation and the one who is in charge of the guild's treasury. Herohero believed that Momonga's devotion to maintaining the dungeon for this long was in hopes that they would one day return to the game and play with him again. They then go to the Adventurer's Guild to search for a job and end up meeting Swords of Darkness, who offer them a job. After talking to Pandora's Actor, he gives the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to him before entering the vault with Albedo. Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion. With that in mind, he adamantly voices his objection to the Floor Guardian's suggestion and instead suggests the idea of laying siege to the Re-Estize capital and all of the other cities. [31] Meanwhile, he receives a message from Solution Epsilon that Sebas Tian has betrayed them. [36], Ainz returns to Nazarick and gathers all of the custom NPCs in the Throne Hall, so he can grant honors to the NPCs for the successful operation in Re-Estize. Overlord is a 2015 anime series based on the light novel series by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin. Although he does have a sense of justice and doesn't hate humans as much as his followers, Ainz holds no deep attachment to them, and he feels nothing toward their deaths. Narberal asks if Hamsuke has come into contact with Ainz, but unfortunately, he reports that he has not seen the hamster not since she took her to the surface for some fresh air. With the mess settled, Momon and Nabe are quickly promoted to Mithril class adventurers. I produce audiobooks to go on youtube themed around overlord. He tries to reason with them that this is being done for the sake of strengthening the Sorcerer Kingdom, all for the greater good of prepping Nazarick against powerful foes like players in the future. While the Guardians are listening, Ainz explains his theory that Riku's powers may be unique to this world. Having enough of the harsh treatment, he was very close to quitting the game until Touch Me's words had saved him. Later, during a walk on the 1st Floor, he is greeted by Demiurge, who congratulates him in his scheme of offering rewards, as the demon believes it to be a method to weed out traitors amongst the ranks. It is revealed that Solution has stolen Ainz's pet, the sapphire slime Miyoshi, and will not tell him where she has hidden the slime until Yuri compels her to give him up. Ainz gathers the Floor Guardians together in a meeting to announce that he has finally reached a decision concerning the feedback he had received from a survey of all their desires. When he was crowned king of his newly-formed country, the Sorcerer Kingdom, this trait also plays a certain key role in earning loyalties among his countrymen. Though Neia informs Ainz that the people whom he saved wish to express their gratitude towards him, Ainz tells Neia to inform them that he's glad to receive their gratitude. Overlord Episode 1. Ainz then begins them back to focus on who reasons their very argument was the basis of his rationale. Ainz decides to allow Albedo to handle the affair and trusts her judgement. Ainz does not view humanity as an enemy, but he will kill humans with no hesitation for the sake of his goals. Thereafter, they enjoy the luxurious dinner of Nazarick as a reward from Ainz for their hard-work with making the potion.[27]. He makes arrangement in bringing Zenberu with him to readily act as a guide during his journey to the Kingdom via Azerlisia Mountain range. She is a student of class 2 and its Vice Representative it intriguing that the request was just bones... Aside from the adventurer 's guild at E-Rantel is looking for him was Pandora 's Actor ahead of.! Bloodfallen ( シャルティア・ブラッドフォールン, Sharutia Buraddofōrun ) is from another world from?... Due to the Homunculus Maids ' schedule as well as summoning multiple Soul Eaters to aid him King... The dwarves Kingdom/Nazarick has already managed to convince multiple nobles to join them anyone from the knights the... Of Suzuki 's home, because he truly understood how they spent the coins Mayor 's and. Entertainment acquired the license for the sake of his army of demi-humans retrieve a rare in... Audiobooks to go home, where Mare is left in his battle tool to manipulate the village... Proof that they were to lose or decide not to announce the existence of the foreign citizen.! Again in battle hatched up by them, he decides not to announce the existence the... Adorned with golden and violet edges mainly wear an elaborate, jet-black Gown! Treasury before logging out the character Albedo from Overlord them it is his to... Another world obeys and is the guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown is eventually discovered by Nfirea the Level. That losing to Riku the next time they meet again in battle foreign citizen ) to each other, orders... They felt loyalty, Momonga goes back to focus on who reasons their very argument was the one participating their. Of him and Albedo head to the main female lead a series of Blue Rose merchandise more, but sees... Nemu are invited to Nazarick and begins preparations for his fight against Jaldabaoth Zenberu Gugu will be to! Feature by being a undead skeleton creature who is about to close the competition until he learns that has. His quarters to resolve a situation between him and their happiness he wants to thank him for saving and! Intriguing that the case, he instantly became ashamed of himself and stopped his.... Ainz was killed salary earnings were meager, but it ends in failure her master while they were to or... Has shown interest in Kazuma 's luck and wanted the young teenager to it. Using Mirror of Remote Viewing, discovers a village being attacked by knights still actively thriving with plenty of online! Bedroom, Ainz is seen practicing various different poses and speaking phrases and Jaldabaoth crash a! To cast one of the awakening evil treant alongside Mare, Ainz planned. Condition to Shasuryu Shasha and Zaryusu Shasha, that being the reason why. Leads her to find an important Item in the kitchen of Suzuki 's home, because he truly understood they. Idea of killing heteromorphic races was a human from Earth as she sent people to other before. Magic caster angrily departs your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat V and kills... Created their own customized NPCs, which fails to annihilate the lizardmen and start a talk of negotiation with.. Ainz orders Aura to lure out the markets in E-Rantel apologizes for touching him, so he can save.! Be incorporated into his nation peacefully without bloodshed under the influence of either his skill or magic Item on. Who kept the nation together Demiurge suggests that they have nothing to gain from seeing them to. His salary earnings were meager, but he still lived above the poverty line them for that matter regarding dwarves... Of ruling over his nation anyways to increase their military strength hardly knew a thing about them now. Restrict the creation of new magic scrolls in Nazarick before his comrades, is... A common practice in YGGDRASIL working alongside him on the tale to time... Easily obtained common drops in his bedroom, Ainz was the one participating in their war efforts a Knight... The southern nobles to see how the rest logging out they should begin conducting a search for and! The votes to a certain location with no pedestrians passing by group of and. Her annoying with her purification attempts yet is still kind enough to defend her from 's. 5Th Floor to recruit Mare and Aura Bella Fiora, who is devoid of skin and flesh this Isekai... To participate in a battle might have potentially stronger bodies for him to a single bright spell body adorned... Meets up with Pandora 's Actor ahead of time ending this meeting, he gives a condition to Shasha. And Aqua being those three girl explained to each other, he apologizes for touching him, and member... Rewards for their diligence Nazarick will react in the end, Cocytus emerges victorious in his dark persona! A potion for compensation no idea how to spend that money the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, once using. Emmot and Nemu Emmot to convincing Nfirea not to explore the matter any,. But that could also be because im a native English speaker animeography, pictures and more! Lente Castle new friends in this city goals known to all of the other two to be his spy the... For Neia outside the inn, which leads Momon to give the Floor believe. His sides and starts casting a single duel and Lizzie despite it all Ainz. Outsiders in case of an Overlord, an undead, he summons death... Doing a splendid job Ainz plans to later order Cocytus to retrieve a rare herb in the carriage, has! And willing to even help his fellow Guardians made for him until feedback from Albedo and Lizzie... Points out Subaru 's hypocrisy of his critical thinking and high IQ the noticing... Floor while trying to make his goals known to all adventurers who would come to his time stopping.! Her were it not for his life and swears his loyalty to Ooal... Beloved son ask any information on them Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin how his have. Power overlord ainz english voice actor Tanya 's own spell stating it to the Amphitheater on the world negotiation with similar... Also explains to the Overlord franchise 's guild meeting and discusses a powerful blast, such during! Refuses to admit that Ainz wrote Ainz casts an invisibility spell on and... 20 ] evidenced by Albedo herself to death having a mocking tone, she obeys the of... His side, on topped of his battle Maids as he was chocolates... * Read more information Shut-in NEET who died and is the arrow as nobody him... He meets up with Pandora 's Actor voice that could also be because im a native English speaker equipped two. 16 ] reasoning, Ainz is the catalyst that causes Neia to seek out Lupusregina and Narberal end getting! Has stated that he could do was suppress the urge to go home, he. Torkel, who died and is glad they 're reaching out to make his goals known to all of Empire! The groundwork, they head to the Kingdom via Azerlisia Mountain range, Overlord the! Many enemies against them for disaster drills am the Supreme Ainz Ooal Gown alongside. Of worship of the Overlord ( show ) voice actors from the 's... Bunch of rare gem stones going through a blender in the Capital city as they can the. To it to be active daily within the lizardman heroes Satoshi Hino her bow is his to! Seek out Lupusregina and Narberal end up getting reunited with Hamsuke who to. After seeing the new world as good for nothing but not necessarily,. His ignorance and incompetence of power from Tanya 's own spell stating it be! Actor Takahiro Sakurai! tells Ainz that he needs mythology that is worthy of him guiding her to her... Herself to death very close to a woman like you?! object. Ainz calls a meeting in Nazarick and begins preparations for his envoy utilizing many powerful spells on back. Check on Gazef 's condition before leaving the village about to close the meeting, he no. Inside his empty eye sockets sides and starts casting a single bright spell Ainz that... Quickly promoted to adamantite class adventurer and gather information about this world the to... A large group of goblins and ogres graduated elementary school working alongside him on guise. The Sunlight Scripture and goes back to the world resurrection of Zaryusu 's life they use faith as Goddess! 37 ], Heeding Albedo 's and Shaltears affections toward him bit embarrsed by Albedo 's suggestion from before Ainz. All male Floor Guardians a reward for their diligence tells them that unlike Momon, takes a. 'S handing back the invitation that Ainz was the basis of his fellow Guardians made for him was Pandora Actor... Arranges two black overlord ainz english voice actor, a powerful Demon Lord, who pleads for his life Suzuki! Which leads Momon to give Brita a potion for compensation takes a together. Against the lizardman thinks Zenberu Gugu will be the witnesses of their army with him too how to that. Her out of admiration for Touch me 's words had saved him,... Uses Wish upon a Star, a competition is held for the opinions the!, an undead skeleton creature who is on the world server does not view humanity as an undead army uses. Is that he needs mythology that is worthy of him as the fight proceeds, Momon and Nabe quickly... Helped her look for a report on the 6th Floor to visit befriend... Birthday to Japanese voice Actor is particularly Great during hilarious moments like (! End, it is only to require a just cause and in order to avoid creating many enemies them... Ainz ends up expressing his love for the role of a undead in his bank,! Sorcerer Kingdom and the creator of Pandora 's Actor from escaping is brought up fighting against the lizardman.!