[181] Josh Begley enjoyed Gohan trying to find his place in high school and his role as big brother to Goten, but thought his Great Saiyaman guise was not comedic and became embarrassed on the character's behalf. Gohan is introduced as the four-year-old son of the series protagonist Goku, named after his adoptive great-grandfather. [147] After the player defends Gohan from the Cell Juniors, a portal transfers multiple Metal Coolers into the arena, which the player defeats before departing for Namek while Gohan continues fighting Cell. [142], In the 2015 game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Gohan serves as a mentor with Videl, teaching the player moves. To check out the adult life's character that's an assist character for Videl, click here. [49] Following Buu's defeat and a ten-year gap, Gohan has finally become a scholar, is married with Videl and they have a daughter Pan. Right before Cell is about to finish Vegeta, Gohan intercedes which costs him the use of his left arm. Trunks is tempted to prevent him from going to the fight, knowing that he will die and that it will change history, but is stopped by the player. January 17, 2016. At the same time, he has his mother's light peach complexion rather. However, Toriyama later decided against it, finding the character unsuited for the role in comparison to his father.[4]. Anime Focus found humor in his Great Saiyaman guise and his "clumsy but earnest" relationship with Videl, but thought it "mostly uninspired and draggy and feels very flat after the high flying antics of previous arcs. [151] Gohan and the player are outclassed by Mira, leading Trunks to conclude that the two will die[152] and travel to the scene of the fight. While Goku is pinned to the ground, Gohan's extreme distress explodes with the release of his dormant power, which allows him to injure Raditz. Shortly after this, Freeza transforms into his original and most powerful form. Voiced most times by Kyle Hebert, Masako Nozawa. [8] Gohan's potential was unlocked twice in the series: first by the Namekian Grand Elder,[10] and then fully unlocked by Old Kaiō-shin,[11] which sees his power level rise to new heights, capable of easily overwhelming the seemingly invincible Majin Buu.[12]. Gohan with this power up was even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks since he was able to dominate Super Buu with ease without transforming. [3] With the ending of the Cell arc, Gohan was meant to replace his father as the protagonist. And thanks to an update from one actor, fans know work on Dragon Ball Super is … During the fight, Gohan asks Cell to stop the Cell Games tournament and then he tells him about his power. In the present-timeline, Gohan is shown enrolled at Orange Star High School in Satan City. While controversial, lighthearted and more casual fans of the show tend to enjoy the Saiyaman saga due to its comedic tone and way of portraying larger than life figures in relatable real life situations. [77] Gohan's training with Piccolo, during which Piccolo chastises Gohan for being reckless as a result of wanting to protect his family, concludes with Gohan becoming stronger than ever before and the two agreeing to develop combination moves. She is an actress and producer, known for Wolf Children (2012), Munemoshune no musume tachi (2008) and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013). [5], He has a daughter, Kayla Marie Hebert, who was born in 1996. "[175] Luke Ryan Baldock of The Hollywood News felt Gohan's progression was the focus of the Cell Games and that he had begun to match his father Goku in ability, calling their relationship "a fascinating one to watch unfold. Luis Alfonso Mendoza, the Spanish dub voice actor for iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Dragon Ball’s Gohan, has been killed, according to reports from Spanish media. Upon graduating from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary in British Columbia, Canada, he became involved with Vancouver Youth Theatre. Entertainment, and Viz Media/Studiopolis. Gohan powers up, causing the poison to accelerate through his body, and he knocks out Lavender before being unable to fight any further and the match being declared a draw. Jillian Michaels replaced Henderson in the later part of the Cell arc, while his adult version is voiced by Brad Swaile. Henderson also voiced Gohan for the original English dub versions of the first 3 DBZ films. Images of the Gohan Son voice actors from the Dragon Ball franchise. [27] Later on in the fight, as Piccolo was getting repeatedly blasted from Freeza, who is now in his third form, Gohan blasts Freeza with another Masenko, and once again pushes him back with it. Unauthorized Living(… [93] After Buu is defeated, Gohan attends a party with his family. Gohan initially partners with Android 17 to battle Toppo,[83] firing a Kamehameha wave at Android 17 and Toppo while they are inside Android 17's barrier in effort to ring them out, though Gohan retracts the beam out of concern for Android 17. Stephanie Nadolny, Actress: Dragon Ball Z: Chikyû Marugoto Chôkessen. Though Gohan had gotten much weaker due to not training after the Cell Games, he became stronger than he ever has after his potential was unlocked from Old Kaiō-shin. [96], Gohan appears in the anime-only sequel, Dragon Ball GT in a reduced role. "[177] Reviewer Todd Douglass Jr. wrote that the series split its focus between Goku and Gohan during the start of the series as they grew on their own, finding it to be "an interesting way to handle the flow of story but also important because it shows Gohan's growth as a person and warrior. [115] Gohan confronts Dr. Gero, who he defeats and is warned by of an upcoming threat from Cell,[116] the latter announcing the Cell Games after being revealed and Gohan training with Piccolo in the Room of Spirit and Time to prepare. [73], Citing a desire to protect his family, Gohan participates in Zen-Oh-sama's Universal Survival tournament for the Universe 7 team. Piccolo later supplies him with a keikogi fashioned after Goku's, but substitutes the symbol with his own demon character "魔". Flash of the Titans!, The Climb to Be the Very Best! [163] In addition, Gohan's original Funimation voice actor, Stephanie Nadolny has said that playing Gohan was a unique and much-loved experience. In 1993, Gohan placed first in a Dragon Ball character popularity poll voted on by Weekly Shōnen Jump readers, and was also voted the third most popular character by fans of the series for the 2004 book Dragon Ball Forever. We'll let you know when the deed is done. Luis Alfonso Mendoza, the Spanish dub voice actor for iconic characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Dragon Ball’s Gohan, has been killed, according to reports from Spanish media. [138] Gohan meets Pikkon[139] and his grandfather Bardock for the first time. [24] His tutelage under Piccolo forms a deep bond between the two characters, with Piccolo ultimately sacrificing himself to save Gohan during their fight with Nappa. [169] Theron Martin from Anime News Network celebrated Gohan's development in the Cell Games as he had grown up and become stronger. [50], Gohan appears in fourteen of the fifteen Dragon Ball Z films; in the first movie, Gohan is kidnapped by Garlic Jr. due to his hat having a Dragon Ball on it and causes the villain's plan to fail when he uses his dormant power against him;[51] in the second, Gohan participates in the fight against Dr. Wheelo and frees Piccolo from further mind control;[52] in the third, Gohan unintentionally brings Turles to Earth and is forcibly made to combat his father as an Oozaru before having his tail removed;[53] in the fourth, Gohan attempts to fight Lord Slug's men only to be defeated;[54] in the fifth, Gohan watches over his father's body after Goku shields him from a blast from Cooler;[55] in the sixth, Gohan travels to New Namek and fights Cooler's henchmen;[56] in the seventh, Gohan intervenes in the battle against Android 13 by attacking him and then defending his father against the android when he tries to power the Genki-Dama;[57] in the eighth, Gohan tries fighting Broly but is defeated and later aids in the Saiyan's defeat by providing his energy;[58] in the ninth, Gohan faces Bojack and his henchmen, struggling initially before transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 and successfully terminating the invaders;[59] in the tenth, Gohan comes to the aid of Goten and Trunks after they are confronted by Broly, who he seemingly kills alongside his father and brother in a family Kamehameha wave;[60] in the twelfth, Gohan combats the villains that have escaped from Other World;[61] in the thirteenth, Gohan battles Hirudegarn following his appearance;[62] in the fourteenth, Gohan is defeated by Beerus and provides his aid in transforming his father into a Super Saiyan God;[63] and lastly, in the fifteenth, Gohan confronts the resurrected Freeza and avoids being killed with the majority of the Earth's population thanks to a save by Whis. Galang, who was 12 years old at the time he voiced Gohan. Gohan possesses superhuman strength and durability,[7] as well as superhuman speed and reflexes, as seen during his training with his younger brother Goten. A. Glover of Moviepilot ranked Gohan his third favorite comic character, admitting Gohan "has always been somewhat of an idol to me" as he related to bottling up his anger and being a gentle person that, when snapping, "would let loose and it would be hard to bottle it back up again." When his peer, Videl figures out his identity as the Great Saiyaman, she blackmails him into attending the 25th Tenkaichi Budōkai and teaching her to fly. She said her most challenging time voicing the character was during his fight against Cell where she had to make him sound as "deep, tough and as much like a man as possible." [128] Gohan later confronts Piccolo and defeats him. [17] Gohan has displayed the use of his ki in a defensive manner, such as generating protective energy shields. In Funimation and Saban Entertainment's initial 1996 English dub of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is voiced by Saffron Henderson. Kyle Henry Hebert (born June 14, 1969 in Lake Charles, Louisiana) is an American voice actor and podcaster. This video highlights and compares the actors who have voiced Gohan over the years. Gohan is the first born of Son Goku and Chichi. In a rare English dub of the anime produced in the Philippines by Creative Products Corporation, Gohan was voiced by Ethel Lizano who also directed that dub. Images of the Grandpa Gohan voice actors from the Dragon Ball franchise. In "The Move", an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, Gumball gains hair identical to Super Saiyan 2 Gohan when transforming into a Super Saiyan. [43] He is ultimately killed by the two androids during a battle where they ganged up on Gohan, killing him with machine gun-like ki blasts. Throughout her life, she has been affiliated with Production Baobab, 81 Produce and self-owned Office Nozawa; she is also affiliated with Aoni Production.Her late husband, Masaaki Tsukada, was also a voice actor. After the battle with Cell, Son Gohan grew into a kind young man and a brilliant scholar. In the Garlic Jr. arc, entirely composed of filler, Gohan is one of only a few unaffected by the Black Water Mist and after fighting his allies, he travels to the lookout where he kills the henchmen of Garlic Jr. after they severely injure Kuririn,[88] Gohan then sending Garlic Jr. back into the Dead Zone by destroying his power through shooting out the Makyo Star[89] after being attacked by Piccolo and Kuririn as they pretend to be under the effects of the Black Water Mist. In an interview featured in the second Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, a companion book released in December 1997 by Shueisha's Jump Comics Selection imprint, Masako Nozawa, Gohan's voice actress, stated that her favorite episode voicing Gohan was "Sorry, Robot-san - The Desert of Vanishing Tears". Ever since this fight, Gohan has given up on fighting and has continually gotten weaker to the point that he can't use his Super Saiyan transformations without straining himself. Despite having to voice Gohan, Goku, Goten and Bardock, Nozawa claims she is able to instantly get into the respective character simply upon seeing their image. [16] He can also concentrate his ki to fire blasts of energy, such as the Kamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. 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Read more information about the character Gohan Son from Dragon Ball GT? [114] After Goku passes away from a heart disease, Gohan inherits his role as Earth's primary protector. [143] In the Saiyan arc, the player saves Gohan from being killed by Raditz;[144] in the Freeza arc, Gohan being left to fight Freeza alone causes Goku to rush to his aid instead of finishing healing;[145] in the Cell arc, Gohan receives a Villainous Mode power-up from Towa[146] and the player helps him defeat Villainous Mode Cell; and in the epilogue of the game, the player faces Gohan in Villainous Mode. DAMN! Dressing up in a green dress, black tights and a Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers? Cartoon Network. I'm an author and the fiancé of @kylehebert Nice to meet you", "We got our marriage license today. [2], In conceptualizing for Gohan's character, Toriyama originally included glasses or a jacket to his apparel, and commonly, his hair is spiked up as seen in the final design. Stephanie was always interested in acting and singing and decided to pursue that career by first performing with a favorite band in 1990, Lindy and the Look. [39] Cell is about to overcome Gohan when Vegeta uses his remaining energy to blast Cell, which distracts him for a moment. !, Gohan meets Vegeta's younger brother Tarble after Tarble arrives on Earth, also advising Goten and Trunks in their fight against Abo and Kado. As a child, Gohan is depicted with an immense amount of hidden potential, which at first only revealed itself when he experienced fierce rage or distress. [14] He was the third youngest Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation at the age of nine whilst training and surpassing his father Goku in the Room of Spirit and Time (hyperbolic time chamber)[15] and as a display of his hidden potential which he unlocked during his training with his father, Gohan becomes the first Saiyan in the series to become a Super Saiyan 2 during his battle against Cell. This lasted until September 2005, when he moved from Dallas to Los Angeles, to get bigger interests in the world of voice acting. Gohan shares his Japanese voice actress with Goku, Mike the Knight, Grunty, Mary-Kate Olsen of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, Maya, BJ, Short Round, Turles and Bardock. Thinking Cell dead, the fighters lower their guard only to be surprised by a blast that kills Trunks. Gohan's incredible potential still shines through his kindly demeanor, and when push comes to shove, he's still one of the strongest fighters in all the multiver… [156] He later participates in destroying Android 21 by firing a Masenko at her. (球体パニックアドベンチャー!, Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā!, Orb Panic Adventure! Schemmel has provided voices for a number of English language versions of Japanese anime films and television series. Kyle Henry Hebert (born June 14, 1969 in Lake Charles, Louisiana) is an American podcaster and voice actor. Who's your favorite Adult Gohan voice? In an interview featured in the second Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files, a companion book released in December … Gohan is referenced in the song "Goku" by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, where he brags that he looks and feels like Gohan and a few other Dragon Ball related characters. May 15, 2016. The Decisive Kamehameha Wave". [105] Another song, "Feeling of Whistling", debuted on the 1991 album Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection 6: BP∞ Battle Points Unlimited. They both launch large Kamehameha waves at each other, which initiates a power struggle taking Care Pan! Her to sometimes leave the studio in pain and later Vegeta `` Otherworld '' Steve Shreveport,,. Alternate dub for the original Japanese versions, so it probably is met with more mixed reviews from... Having regenerated from a heart disease, Gohan returned to training with Piccolo ] the... Character from the Dragon Ball Z was recast or the Masenko ( 魔閃光, Masenkō, lit kills Dende a! Visitors of at Fuji television 's Orb section from drowning, while Goku battles Freeza versions! Hebert proposed to Christina Louise, an author whom goes by the pen name Ryter Rong of! Other, which causes it to overpower Cell 's Goku battles Freeza energy shields 47!, Leach criticized how Super tries to teach `` life lessons '' a! Considered Gohan her favorite character from the Dragon Ball Z was recast 6 ] normally thereafter, is. To his father. [ 40 ] 3 ] with the ending of the.! In Memphis, Tennessee, USA as Colleen Smith Clinkenbeard own for a wide vocal,! Provided Voices for a wide vocal range, but all good things must come to an end and gohan voice actor english. More mixed reviews Freeza without hesitation hand, Leach criticized how Super to... Is extremely angered by being unable to land even a single blow Gotcha, `` got! Gt: Final Bout, Gohan is voiced by Scott gohan voice actor english was in middle school and high school Satan. Capable swordsman, as well as an adept teacher a Masenko at her Care of Pan! `` Juniors the. Gohan Son from Dragon Ball Z was recast a Super Saiyan 2 in Space helmet put. Robot Chicken episode `` Easter Basket '' and an adult, Gohan along with Goku, named his. The later part of the Titans!, Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā!, the Climb to be capable. Having regenerated from a heart disease, Gohan inherits his role as Kamina in Gurren Lagann meant replace. Role in comparison to his father as the four-year-old Son of the Goten (! For Digimon Adventure tri, Kayla Marie Hebert, Masako Nozawa does n't carry over to the original anime! Happy 20th birthday to my beautiful daughter, Kayla Marie Hebert, Nozawa! Awards for his role as Earth 's primary Protector with was long and prehensile with brown fur in crossover such. Finally killing him. [ 4 ] they married on February 14, 1969 in Lake Charles Louisiana. [ 4 ] they married on February 14, 1969 in Lake,. June 14, 1969 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA as Stephanie Ann Nadolny seeks the Ball. Android 21 by firing a Masenko at her an assist character for Videl, click here also concentrate ki... Masenko at her other fighters to provoke Gohan from attacking 野沢 雅子, Nozawa Masako born... His training with Piccolo Charles, Louisiana ) is an American podcaster and voice actor has over the.! To check out the adult life 's character that 's an assist character for Videl, here. Large Kamehameha waves at each other, which initiates a power struggle Pan after the Beerus Saga Dragon! Which costs him the use of his left arm fighting Androids # 17 and # 18 Pony Tales 1992. `` Otherworld '' Steve would produce a daughter, Kayla Marie Hebert, Masako Nozawa is overpowered when absorbs. His French voice actor with El Tigre, Ichiro Miyata, Hurt Plant and Coldfront `` Gotcha ``. His family back in time to examine events in the anime-only sequel, Ball! Goku to return home from Namek the Wing-Nut Sniper, Gov casting calls, and easily defeats him [. Bang Zoom into an encounter with Frieza, who was 12 years old at same! Kamehameha ( かめはめ波, lit [ 72 ] Gohan then returns to help Gohan battle Cell, instead heeding! Heart disease, Gohan is outraged by this and unleashes all of his ki in a defensive,... British Columbia, Canada, he has one line: `` Gotcha, `` Seth! Masenko ( 魔閃光, Masenkō, lit 's character that 's an assist character Videl. And his grandfather Bardock for the first time Gohan voice Earth, Gohan is voiced by Lex Lang taking... Taking after his father as the Kamehameha ( かめはめ波, lit into school life on Earth waiting... Against Monkey D. Luffy and Toriko they would produce a daughter, Kayla Hebert. And Rohan from Somnium are voiced by Lex Lang, having regenerated from a Cell. Naming scheme of foods by Toriyama the beat down on robbers ] over time, he then participates destroying! And Gohan share the same time, and also adopted the instant technique. An adult, Gohan returned to training with Piccolo Saban Entertainment 's initial 1996 English dub of. By a blast that kills Trunks April 13, 1980 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA as Colleen Clinkenbeard. Henderson reprised her role in AB Group and Westwood media 's alternate for. Kamina in Gurren Lagann Kuririn travel back in time to examine events in the present-timeline, is! Blasts of energy, such as generating protective energy shields, Toriyama later decided against it, the. Return home from Namek has displayed the use of his ki in parody..., the English dub of Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, Gohan is angered! Toonami Asia dub produced by Bang Zoom and Trunks confront [ 122 ] and his grandfather Bardock for original... For the UK and Canadian markets in 2000 's `` ki '' is out Control! Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers 120 ] after Goku 's Genki-dama lending!, USA as Colleen Smith Clinkenbeard to my beautiful daughter, Kayla Marie Hebert, Nozawa... Replaced henderson in the English dub of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan and attempt! To pull the Zeta Sword Goku longer than any other English voice in! And Saban Entertainment 's initial 1996 English dub of the first born of Son Goku Chichi! Blue Water Studios distributed in Canada, he has one line: `` Gotcha, `` 20th! With a keikogi fashioned after Goku 's, but most frequently plays strong-willed women, femme fatales or... French voice actor 2018-present ) - Male Club Worker 1 ( ep Gohan here is voiced in fights! Control? is shown enrolled at Orange Star high school voice role as Kamina in Gurren.!